The Weekly Walk: Totnes to Ashprington

Walking is one of my favourite activities. My boyfriend and I go on walks every week, wherever we are in the world. For us, walking is one of the best parts of travel, because it allows you to see views that would otherwise be impossible to reach, and it is the best way to explore a new area. We’ve been in the West Country recently, and this is one of the first walks we did here.

Totnes to Ashprington is a fairly easy six mile walk along the dart valley. There’s one part that has a fairly steep hill but very short, and another hill that is large but on a gradual incline, so overall it’s not too tricky. There’s also the option to go via the cycle-path, which is still a beautiful walk and I think makes it fully accessible.

We went on a fairly dry day on the walk out to Ashprington, but there had been rain the day before, and it was pretty muddy! Definitely need to bring your walking shoes or wellies. It’s a very peaceful walk, we only encountered a handful of people the whole way along, and the Dart Valley has some beautiful scenery and wildlife. We heard a lot of birds!

Starting in Totnes town at the bottom of the high street, walk along The Plains until you come to the construction site (at the time of writing it’s in construction anyway). Then take the marked diversion to your right up the hill, and you can follow the marked signs all the way, choosing either the muddier foot path, or the fully paved cycle path, which we took on the way back. The cycle path goes along the top of the hill, so you get some great views, although it is enclosed for more of the way than the footpath.


Ashprington is a lovely village, though as you can see in the pictures the clouds had come in by the time we arrived. We took shelter in the local pub, The Durant Arms, for a drink, a snack, and to watch Ireland’s humiliating defeat to Scotland in the rugby. Still not over it. The pub was lovely though, great chips, and the landlord and locals were very friendly.

At the top of the hill, just before you descend into Ashprington, there’s an opportunity to turn off into Sharpham, where there is local wine and cheese, but as my partner rarely drinks and I’m lactose intolerant, we decided to give it a miss. It does have great reviews though.

By the time we were heading home the skies had opened, and so we decided to take the much quicker cycle path route. The last picture there is the view over Totnes town while it is being pelted with hailstones!

If you would like to follow the same path, here’s a link to more complete directions:

Along the Dart Valley Way

Hope you enjoy



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