Visit!: Bath

As someone who loves to travel, and a born and raised city girl, visiting new towns and cities is one of my favourite parts of exploring the world. Although I do love the country side, as evidence by the country walks (see Friday’s post), cities are really where I feel at home, and where I feel most exited. There’s so much to explore, and so much culture to absorb, as well as so much good food to try!

So, as I have been down in the West Country and my cousin has recently begun a PhD at Cardiff University, we decided to meet in the middle and explore Bath. It was a slightly blustery but gorgeously sunny day, and I have to admit straight off that I fell in love.


The architecture is so gorgeous here, from the Royal Crescent, with it’s beautiful Georgian terraced houses, to the bridge overlooking the River Avon, to this towering Gothic Abbey, there is so much beauty. There is also a wonderful hegemony, where differing eras of architecture blend so well because of the consistent use of the sandy-coloured Bath Stone.

We also visited the captivating Roman Baths. As a former classics student, visiting one of the best preserved sites of Roman Britain was fascinating!

IMG_6679One of my favourite aspects of the baths was the way you can see distinct layers of history in the city. The water is below street level because of the way that earth builds up over previous ages, which is why Rome cannot build an underground system without having to stop every other day to excavate a new site of archeological interest! But more than that you can see the Roman Bath, the Medieval Abbey, the Georgian Houses, and the late victorian interpretation of the Roman in the construction of the upper balcony, which was not original to the Roman Bath.


We also had some great food in Bath. Just wandering around the city you see so many little cafés and restaurants, we had some great chai and channa masala from a tiny little restaurant called Chaiwalla. They are an Indian Streetfood place who specialised in channa masala and samosa. Later on, under a great craving for cake, we went to the Boston Tea Party, an originally West Country based café chain that has I think extended further. They use only sustainable produce, and have great options for dietary restrictions, perfect for my cousin and me as we both can’t eat gluten and I can’t eat dairy.

We also went to this extraordinary independent book shop! I swear I could have bought the whole stock, but restricted myself to just five books. It was called Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, and extended over three floors. There was an excellent range of both fictional and non fictional books, and they had a cosy little upstairs seating area and a sunroom! Unfortunately I was so engrossed in the books I forgot to take any photos, whoops.

All in all it was a wonderful trip, and a place I will certainly be visiting again, as there is so much more to explore. I would definitely recommend anyone who can goes and checks it out.

Hope you enjoy.




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